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Two component epoxy adhesive CEB 001


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Structural adhesive for heterogeneous materials: brickwork, marble, granite, wood, aluminum. Fastening. Sealing. Smoothing.



Manual mixing. Mechanical mixing with automatic mixing/dispensing machines equipped with pressure plate. Spatula application. Application with dispensing nozzle.


Two component filled epoxy system. Thixotropic. Solvent free. Minimum shrinkage on thin thickness. The application is possible also on vertical surfaces, being the system a paste. Medium reactivity. Good resistance to yellowing. Suitable for operating temperatures from -25°C to +80°C when it applied in a maximum thickness of 1mm.


Adesivo bicomponente poliuretanico CPB 003




Resin Hardener

Mixing ratio by weight

AS 7 AW 6 100:100


Viscosity at: 25°C IO-10-50 (EN13702-2) mPas 300.000 600.000


Viscosity at: 25°C IO-10-50 (EN13702-2) mPas 400.000 650.000
Density at: 25°C IO-10-51 (ASTM D 1475) g/ml 1,64 1,68


Processing Data
Resin Colour       White
Hardener Colour       Beige
Mixing ratio by weight   for 100 g resin g 100:100
Mixing ratio by volume   for 100 g resin ml 100:100
Density 25°C Resin IO-10-51 (ASTM D 1475) g/ml 1,86 1,90
Pot life 25°C  (50mm;200ml)  IO-10-53 (*) Min. 25 35
Exothermic peak 25°C  (50mm;200ml)  IO-10-53 (*) °C 55 75
Initial mixture viscosity at: 25°C IO-10-50 (EN13702-2) mPas 480.000 720.000
Gel time 25°C (1mm)


(ASTM D5895-03)

min. 60 100
Setting time 25°C (0,1 mm) (*)  h 2,5 - 3,5
Properties determined on specimens cured: 24 h TA + 15 h 60°C
Machinability       Buona
Density 25°C IO-10-54
(ASTM D 792)
g/ml 1,78 1,82
Hardness 25°C IO-10-58
(ASTM D 2240)
Shore D/15 87 91
Glass transition (Tg)   IO-10-69
(ASTM D 3418)
°C 40 46
  1gg/day RT   °C 47 53
  7gg/days RT   °C 52 58
Water absorption (24h RT)


(ASTM D 570)

% 0,05 0,10
Water absorption (2h 100°C)


(ASTM D 570)

% 0,25 0,35
Minimum operating temperature       15
Adhesion to: Granite     Excellent
  Marble     Excellent
  Stone     Excellent
  Iron (primer treated)     Good
  Wood     Excellent
Shear strength by tension: Aluminium (48h TA)


(ASTM D 1002)

MPa 11 15

Inox steel AISI 316

(48h TA)

  MPa 16 20


IO-00-00 = Our test method. The correspondent international method is indicated whenever possible.
nd = not determined na = not applicable RT = TA = laboratory room temperature (23±2°C)
Conversion units: 1 mPas = 1 cPs 1MN/m2 = 10 kg/cm2 = 1 MPa
(*) for larger quantities pot life is shorter and exothermic
peak increases (**) the brackets mean optionality
(***) The maximum operating temperature is given on the basis of laboratory information available being it function of the curing conditions used and of the type of coupled materials. For further possible information see post-curing paragraph.



The surfaces must be clean and dry. Generally a mechanical abrasion or sanding followed by degreasing with solvent (ex. acetone) is sufficient. Add the appropriate quantity of hardener to the resin, mix carefully. Use slow mixing mixer or mix by hand with a spatula. The final cleaning of the equipment can be carried out with normal solvent such as acetone, nitro, etc.


Curing / Postcuring:
Normally the post-curing is not necessary.

Epoxy resins and their hardeners can be stored for two years in the original sealed containers stored in a cool, dry place. The hardeners are moisture sensitive therefore it is good practice to close the vessel immediately after each use.


Handling precautions:
Refer to the safety data sheet and comply with regulations relating to industrial health and waste disposal.



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Liability disclaimer

The above data are to the best of our knowledge correct and are intended to give information about our products and their potential applications. No warranty is given or implied in respect of certain properties of the products or their suitability for a particular application. We reserve the right for technical changes without further notice. We guarantee impeccable product quality under our terms of sale.