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Two-Components Polyurethane Adhesive CPB 002

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Two-component polyurethane, filled, semi rigid, strong, low viscosity, one-hundred percent free of solvents. Good adhesive properties, waterproof and resistant to mechanical stress.



Adhesive for materials of differing or similar properties.
Suitable in the construction of honeycomb sandwich panels, and in expanding materials such as
polyurethane, foam, etc; skin material can be metal, glass, laminated plastic, wood, fiberglass,



• A: CPB001 Container/small metal container (Kg 250/25)
• B: CPB001 Container/small metal container (Kg 250/14)

Note - Different amounts per container can be supplied upon request
 The mixing ratio between the components must be followed as specified.


Until perfectly homogenous


Mixing Ratio
A : B = 100 : 25 by weight
A : B = 100 : 30÷31 by volume





Temperature Range for application
+10 / +35°C
At lower temperatures and at high humidity levels the curing of the product will not be optimal.



In hermetic bins at a temperature of 23°C, 6 months
It is recommended to check for sedimentation in the containers before use, in case of sedimentation, remix.
Avoid exposing to moisture and to prolonged contact with the air.



Equipment cleaning
Tools/Equipment can be cleaned with suitable solvent, turpentine, nitric thinner or varnish remover.



The surface must be free of moisture, dust, grease, or oils.
The product is suitable for use within industrial plants.



Component A

Characteristics Method Units Value
Specific weight at 23 ± 2°C ASTM D 1475/60 g/ml 1,62 ÷ 1,65
Viscosity at 25 ± 2°C ASTM D 2393 mPa∙s 30.000 ÷ 40.000
Color - - beige
Appearance - - liquid paste

Component B

Characteristics Method Units Value
Specific weight at 23 ± 2°C ASTM D 1475/60 g/ml 1,20 ÷ 1,25
Viscosity at 25 ± 2°C ASTM D 2393 mPa∙s 200 ÷ 250
Color - - Dark brown
Appearance - - liquid


Components A and B Mixed

Characteristics Method Units Value
Pot life at 25 ± 2°C (200 cc A+B) - minutes 40 ÷ 50
Open time at 25 ± 2°C (thickness 1mm) - minutes 120 ÷ 130
Gel Time at 25 ± 2°C (thickness 1mm) - minutes 270 ÷ 330
Minimum Temperature Application - °C +10
Initial Hardening at 25°C - hours  8 ÷ 10
Time to reach full cure, 25 °C - days 5 ÷ 7
Coverage - g/sqm 150 ÷ 350


Components A and B, final characteristics after full cure hasbeen reached

Characteristics Method Units Value
Color - - beige
Shear strength ASTM D-1002 MPa 9 ÷ 11



When working with polyurethane resins and other isocyanate hardeners, all regulations regarding hygiene and safety, glove use, safety goggles, and suitable clothing must be strictly followed. Dispose of waste materials in accordance with the laws in force.
Do not release waste materials into the storm sewers. For further information, please see the material safety data sheet. Do not discard it into drains. For more detailed information check the security datasheet.

The general guidelines mentioned above should be considered indicative, but they are not to be considered a warranty for the proper use of the material. The product is intended only for professional use: who uses it is required to assess whether it is fit for his purpose and therefore he assumes any liability. Consult our technical service



Documentation to download


Liability disclaimer

The above data are to the best of our knowledge correct and are intended to give information about our products and their potential applications. No warranty is given or implied in respect of certain properties of the products or their suitability for a particular application. We reserve the right for technical changes without further notice. We guarantee impeccable product quality under our terms of sale.